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Most of the time, when we heard the term influence and art, they are connected with each other in sentences like “how art influences your life?” or “what sort of art has influence on you?”. In this article, what we will be doing is that we will be presenting to you some vital and factual information regarding the things that influences art. You will know here about the reasons why there are art works that are pertained to as warts and all, not to mention how you will learn about what made the art itself and the reason or reasons why a particular piece of art work have certain shapes, sizes, colors, themes and yes, underlying ideas. If it so happen that this article piqued your interest about knowing more about arts and what influences it, then we suggest that you continue reading this article till the very end.

Basically speaking, for consumers who are into art, they view art as a part of their life. They love art for the very reasons that it is beautiful, it has the history of the country they come from, the culture and the tradition or their motherland, it opens a door to an/other world, a kind of world where imagination and thoughts are limitless. On the side of the artists, art is part of him or her, art his or her life, it is the perception he or she has towards the events happens around him or her. Art is their way of showing us history, of showing stories we may not be aware of.

To put it simply, any art work is actually a result of several important factors that greatly influenced the artist itself and the list of these factors are endless. Below, what we will be doing is that we will be talking about what we consider as the major factors that influences art.

The #1 that we have here in our list regarding what influences art is politics and the reason for this is due to the fact that politics shows the interest of the society per se, particularly the needs as well as the desires that it possess. When we say politics, it includes the following: politics of government, economics and culture and all other major events happening across the globe. If you know Plato, then for sure you are familiar about the philosophies he had. He once said that politics is a royal art of managing various kinds of art. Art, pertaining to its direct meaning, is a very powerful instrument of influence, another version of a propaganda. As for the artists, they are making the most use of it to show their position and also, to set us into thinking about what they want to convey or what sort of message they want to relay to us.

The #2 that we want you to know of with regards to what greatly influences art is the natural phenomenon. Most especially now that the amount of environmental art movements is rapidly growing and spreading all over the world, allowing us to see the influence it holds, the desire that the artist have, especially when attracting the attention of the people towards natural problems.

In the modern time, we use the word ‘crafter’ which actually has the meaning as the ancient word ‘craftsman’. In the olden times, it is believed that everything that a man does with his life is his craft.

What then is a craft? It is actually anything that is of value such as vehicles, buildings, harnesses and horseshoes, clothing, shoes, toys, hats, plumbing, and a lot more.

In this modern day, every time we hear the word crafter we will immediately think of somebody who can create using their hands alone and the decorations that they have made will then be recognized as their craft.

However, the truth behind this is that anybody can be a crafter or a craftsman such as the flooring man as well as the plumber. Their work is their craft.

The difference between art and craft has been a debatable issue these days. Art is not included in the necessities of life. This is because it does not produce products that are functional or useful to our daily lives. Art is actually beauty in the eye of the beholder as it can be applied to anything including a craft.

While art is a form of entertainment, a craft is something that needs to be done. Therefore, to settle the debate these days about the comparison of art and craft, you can consider making a wooden toy or a quilt or ceramics, then you know that you can be both the craftsman and the artist because it enables you to apply the skills and creativity that you have to make the design.

It is immediately apparent that an artist can enhance the way your craft looks but it cannot turn your craft into a self-sustaining useful product. If I am a craftsman, I can create a useful water bottle but it will be the same as the others because there is no uniqueness to it until the art is applied. You cannot consider yourself joining a craft show if you are not both an artist and a craftsman. If you will not be able to create your own unique design to your woodwork, then there is nothing for you to offer that will distinguish you from the rest of the craftsmen and artists. You need to have your own dream and express your own feelings through artistry.

You need to consider your a hobbyist if you want to be viewed as a crafter apart from the fact that you are able to create things that are useful to others. If you craft only because you want your product to be purchased, then you are not a crafter and an artist.

Therefore, in order for you to know if you are an artist or a crafter, you have to make an assessment if you are able to produce a necessity in life. Have you ever made beautiful shelf sitters? If you have, then you are definitely an artist. Have you ever sewed quilts? If you have then you are definitely a craftsman. How you are able to function is what your distinction will be. Anybody can be an artist or a craftsman, a lot of individuals can even be both an artist or a craftsman as long as you love the work that you are doing then you will be successful in life.

Art is a subject that is composed of the placement or arrangement of visual elements which brought about different views and considerations that you will find challenging to begin defining with. Generally, the specificity of artistry, as well as the evolution and difference, will all depend on the time and other environmental circumstances. As a result, every genre has its own unique way of art when it comes to creativity, techniques, and originality. Art is definitely a subjective platform which will depend on how the person will interpret it as it has its own connotations that will solely vary with every set of eyes that look at it. Art can be in many forms, it may be the way you scribble down your signature or it could be the way you design your furniture at home or the design that you choose for your coffee cup.

Overall, it can be seen that art is an ethereal mixture of human thoughts, expressions, creativity, and actions, and it all boils down to the emotions that are felt by humans. There are a wide variety of forms of art when it comes to the main genres of music, different kinds of dances, sculpture, and paintings as well as literature. Art is then understood as the application of imagination and skills as it includes the making of aesthetic objects, experiences for personal and public display and always taking the environment into consideration.

There are two pillars of art which is the form and content. There are three classifications of form.

Elements and Ingredients of Art

Principles of the artists’ design

Physical materials that made the Art

To have a better comprehension of this, let us take into account Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece work ‘Mona Lisa’. The elements of this piece of art are its colors, lines, values, and space. The principles of the design include its contrast, balance, proportion, and emphasis, while the materials that have been used are the brushes and oil paints.

The tricky part of an artwork is its artistic content. There is also an ideas-based concept which is the creative content, i.e.:

o The theme that the artist aims to portray
o The theme that is actually being portrayed
o The response of the audience to the piece of work
o Miscellaneous influences which include religion, society politics, culture, or your own definition of the art will add meaning to the content of any artwork.

We also have to consider the technicalities of art when it comes to the creativity, skills, and originality of the piece. It will all be consolidated in the observation that each individual will have. You will see the uniqueness of every masterpiece is you take time to look at it closely. You have to consider the scenery of the masterpiece when it comes to the people and their emotions, to the environment and life that is around them. This will lead you to see things that actually existed but is not acknowledged. Therefore, you will have your own objectivity when it comes to innovation, development, and modification of the existing. There has been a lot of changes in the world of art over the years.

Art has been around for centuries and a lot of people have studied it. Millions of artists have come and gone but their paintings remain in the walls of myriad museums and homes. For people who love the art of painting, there is more to it than just staring at the pretty pictures that are hanged on the walls. There are knowledge and a lot of feeling for artists who love painting and that is how their masterpieces have been created.

The moment you get to view Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting is the exact moment that you have truly set your eyes on art. As soon as he was done with the last stroke of the painting, this has become a masterpiece that immediately gained its popularity in no time at all. The King of France became so obsessed with his work of art that he wanted to have the entire wall brought to France immediately.

The Sistine Chapel that was created by Michelangelo has the same effect on the people as well. Although it is not a wall painting like what Da Vinci has made, it is still considered a brilliant piece of art. The absolute dimensions of this masterpiece are definitely amazing. What is more astounding about this is the fact that he spent four years making this masterpiece. It is indeed a perfect piece of art.

Regardless of your preference in the masterpieces that you enjoy the most when it comes to arts & crafts, may it be that you enjoy the masterpieces with the modern approach to art paintings or you love to have the masterpieces that were created by well-renowned artists of all time, one fact will remain the same. It is immediately apparent that the world is art will always be an exciting and amazing world. Taking back from the masterpieces made at the time of the Revival period until the masterpieces that are made in the contemporary modern art world with the eccentric circles that have created an endless mystery to it, an art painting will always be the proper way to beautify your wall. There is a world of mystery and beauty provided by the world of painting whether it is from abstract paintings or oil paintings. After all, art is not what you see but what you make others see and that is the job of an artist. Without the artists, we would still be living in a fewer cultures world where we could hardly appreciate the beauty that is around us and within us, and we will still be spending too much time doing meaningless tasks.

Art has played an important role in our lives since it helps us fight against intolerance of different cultures and racism, as well as the other forms of unjust societal segregation. This is why it is believed that art is a form of creative human expression since it is a way of enriching the human experience and enhancing their feelings through the expression of art.

When it comes to arts and crafts, you should know that there are different kinds out there. That means you can make your own art and craft them the way you prefer. You have your own unique art style and it’s something you have to improve. Just keep in mind that you’re your own person. If someone says that your art is far less than what others made, you don’t have to listen to them. It’s your art and creation and it goes the same with everybody else. The only thing that you have to worry about is honing your arts and craft skills.

One thing that you have to bear in mind is the fact that there are different kinds of skills out there that can be used for art. For example, a professional speaker is also an artist. This is because they provide a fluent and coherent flow of idea when they speak. Not everyone can do that. It takes a lot of practice and hard work to master just like any other art form out there. So if you want to be artistic and create something, you’ll want to improve what you can already do. Focusing on improving such strength is something that’s considered as a good pursuit.

Keep in mind that when you create something, you’re giving materialization to your imagination. That’s something that’s very important when it comes to arts and crafts. Of course, you still need proper training when it comes to this matter. You can’t just expect yourself to become a master overnight. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important. Ironing out your flaws is essential if you want to master your craft. In fact, there are many online programs that can help you achieve your goal in mastering your own art and craft. For example, if you are going to take crafting objects from beads, you will be able to find many guides online.

Another thing that you can do is by enrolling in a workshop that lets you hone your art skills. You will want to find one that can provide you relevant activities on what you already love to do and provide you with new ideas in regards to the world of arts and crafts. Also, you will want to be able to use certain materials to teach you how to be more proficient with your craft. In this case, there are many information guides online that you can purchase for an affordable amount. Legitimate online guides of arts and crafts are written by professionals so you won’t have to worry about the information being unreliable.

If you’re someone who’s working a day job and don’t really have the time to improve your craft, it’s important that you find a program that will help you do so. Not only that they’ll be able to train your craft, they’ll also help you manage your time by arranging a schedule that would suit your daily schedule. In any event, mastering your own arts and crafts is a fulfilling experience that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Being professional in something requires practice and a lot more. The same can be said when it comes to arts and crafts. You will need to practice different techniques in order to master this activity. Becoming an expert in arts and crafts means that you’ll have to utilize the full potential of your imagination. That means training your brain do be able to do certain and precise activities.

Making use of your brain’s optimal power is something that will help you turn your crafts into art. Just like in many things, art is something that boasts its aesthetics and beauty.

For instance, if you want to paint, you have to learn different things first. One would be knowing what paint color to use for different kinds of images. Another would be to know what type of paint to use and how it would affect the surface of a canvas. Such details are necessary when it comes to the mastery of arts and crafts. Of course, learning this is not an easy matter for many. This is why practice makes perfect on most occasions.

If you’re going to make a flower using some beads, you should know the techniques in doing so. Only then will you be able to master doing it. For example, you’ll want to choose the right size of the beads in order to craft a flower out of them. You’ll be able to turn it into art if you know the right wires and patterns to use. In this case, if you want to be a master beader, then you’ll need to learn to make strong yet slender stems for the bead flower that you’ll be making. There are a number of guides online that you can refer to when it comes to the arts and crafts of beads. Not only will you be able to make flowers out of them, but also other things. Once you’ve mastered the different techniques, you’ll be able to make your own and original creation.

For the arts and crafts that you’ll be making, you’ll have to be certain of the measurements as it can really affect the final output of what you’re crafting. With guides online, you’ll be able to determine the exact measurements that you need to use for certain kinds of arts and crafts. For example, there’s certain measurement when it comes to using a wire for simple bead flowers from small to medium size. Other than that, you should also be aware that there are specific arts and crafts tools out there that you can use. For example, you’ll want to use a floral tape to wrap the stem that you’ll use for the bead flower that you’re making. Also, you’ll have to know the certain order in assembling your crafts. For instance, if you’re going to use the stem on the bead flower, you want to make sure that you taped the wire with floral tape first and then apply it to the main bead flower structure.

Do you ever just buy a new art material because you thought that you already run out of it only to go home and find out that you actually have plenty of it just sitting around one corner in your home? Instances like this can be a total waste of money and effort but they usually happen most especially if you don’t keep your arts and crafts materials organized. But how can you get rid of this problem?

If you constantly end up with clutter after every art session and you just place your art supplies anywhere you can because you don’t really have a segregated place for them, one of the best solutions to this problem is to once and for all organize your art supplies. This way, you will never have a hard time looking for them whenever you need to and you can also free your place from all the clutter they may cause. To help you organize your art supplies, this article will provide you with some helpful tips to do so.

Get a Workshop

One of the most common reasons why you often misplace your art materials is that you don’t segregate them well. But what if you secure a place just for your art supplies? If you create a space just intended for all your art supplies, you definitely need to get a workshop where you can keep them and have a nice working space with good lighting for you to work on your arts and crafts. If you have a workshop, there is a lesser chance that you will have a hard time looking for your art supplies again and you can even have a comfortable place to do your artworks, wrap your gifts and basically just do everything related to your hobby.

Have a Categorized Shelf

If a workshop is too much for you or if you already have a large space in your room, you can also have a large shelf just intended for your art supplies and categorize them according to your own preference. Shelves with a lot of dividers can be very helpful when organizing your art supplies because it allows you to store various types of items and categorize them according to their type, color or any other category. For instance, you can have a scrapbooking section in your shelf or if you paint using various mediums, you can have a watercolor section or an oil painting section where you can place all the different materials you need for every art style.

Ribbons and Small Items

If you are also fond of keeping ribbons for gift wrapping, you can also roll them in sticks and place them on the shelves specifically for ribbons of various colors and types. This way, you can avoid damaging the ribbons while just dumping them in a box and you can even use them conveniently whenever necessary without having to constantly de-clutter. For small items, you can make use of old containers such as food boxes and plastic canisters that you might want to throw after using. You can also use used jars for small items and old tin cookie or biscuit boxes for your sewing kit.

With an organized working space, you can definitely get creative whenever you want since you wouldn’t have a hard time looking for your art supplies. So what more are you waiting for? If you are looking for more ideas to organize your art and craft supplies, discover more in this page now.

You may find yourself constantly growing as an artist and this is one of the main reasons why you may sometimes feel like you need to find your real artistic style. But the truth is, you don’t really need to stick to just one artistic style because you don’t want to limit your creativity with just one category.

As time goes by, you will definitely discover new artistic styles and discover new forms of art that you can use for your next artwork and it’s totally fine to be diverse with it. But how can you find inspiration when you feel like you need to discover a new artistic style? In this article, we will help you discover new types and categories of art for you to venture whenever you get tired of your old style and you are hoping to try out new things.

1. Try out a new color palette. Do you feel like your artworks look just the same because the color compositions are almost identical to each other? If you wish to try out a new style with your paintings, you might want to try out a new color palette to help you come up with totally different artworks. Every artist has his own unique artistic style most especially with painting but it is always better to try out new things and you may not know you will land in a whole new art category. For instance, if you wish to give a twist to your usual portrait painting, you can experiment with different palettes or try monochrome painting instead as you try out new shades of blues, yellows or browns and who knows you might get interested with coffee painting?

2. Look for inspiration in art galleries. When was the last time you paid a visit to your local art gallery? If it has been a while since you last saw the new artworks in there, it might be best for you to free your next weekend afternoon and devote your time for just visiting art galleries and studying artworks of various artists and notice how they come up with such beautiful pieces with their brush strokes and different painting techniques. You can even visit neighboring towns and cities to see what their local artists are up to and get a few inspirations from them. After visiting an art gallery, you will surely get overwhelmed and enticed enough to start painting as soon as you’re home.

3. Experiment with new mediums. There are actually various mediums that you can choose from when it comes to painting and if you are used to watercolor painting, it might be best for you to go out of your comfort zone and try out many other mediums as well such as tempera, acrylic and even try out oil painting. When you are hoping to experiment with new mediums, you might want to prepare yourself for getting new supplies such as canvas sheets, gesso, different types of brushes, paint thinners and all other materials you might not have yet with the previous medium that you are used to.

It takes guts to discover new artistic styles most especially if you have been sticking to a single category for several years. But trying out new things can help you grow as an artist and gives you a complete level up. Therefore, you should never be scared to let go of what’s holding you back and find a new artistic style to work on.

The kitchen is the heart of the home for a lot of people. It is the place where people will come together for conversation, gatherings, and especially food. That is the reason why there is no other place better to hang framed art prints in order to create a design scheme that will provide an inviting and warm atmosphere or a conversation piece for friends, guests, and families to admire. The designs of kitchens usually rely on the combination of personal taste and functionality. But there is always a place for art inside the kitchen. This article will provide you with some ideas on how you can decorate your kitchen using framed art prints.

Framed art prints for a Tuscan kitchen
Tuscan décor is focused in functionality, simplicity, and comfort. That is why it is the perfect choice for a kitchen. The Tuscan décor will rely on colors that are warm and earthy, colored and mosaic tiles, and the natural materials for the flooring and counters. A Tuscan kitchen art must be simple but rich in color. The perfect complement to this type of décor is the framed art print Tuscan texture. The tile-like forms are perfect with the texture and simple designs that are rich in Tuscan colors like golden yellow, burnt orange, and rich terracotta, mixed with burgundies, browns, and olive greens. You can really coordinate your countertops, cabinets, accents, and flooring with this style of print because there are so many different colors for you to choose from.

The country-style décor
The country style theme is among the most famous décor styles today. That is why it is the type of décor that will really be ideal in the kitchen. It is important for you to look for images that will feature the hallmarks of country design every time you will be looking for country-style kitchen art. You need to look for arts that have welcoming and warm colors.

Fine art prints for your kitchen
There are some people that are interested in hanging fine art kitchen prints made by masters. There are actually so many museum-quality prints that will emphasize so many different design styles. You can emphasize the functional design and sleek lines in contemporary kitchen with so many famous prints. You can also consider going with a more captivating design like eclectic or modern. There are so many modern pop art that will show a theme that is perfect for the kitchen. You just need to look for one that will really match the design and theme that you have for your kitchen.

There are so many framed art prints that you can choose from and will really add style and interest to the décor of your kitchen. It does not matter who made the canvas paint, you just need to make sure that you will be choosing one that will complement well with the style you have for your kitchen. There are actually so many prints that you can get that is why you will really find one that will be perfect for the theme and décor of your kitchen.

“What is art for?” is a really straightforward question. One simple answer for that is, “art is decoration”, but this will be ignoring a lot of elementary and important meanings. The history of art is full of great examples of canvas paintings that will show violent and disturbing images, inaccurate or sometimes stylish likenesses and also some things that will need you to really take care in order to avoid some wear and tear.

Without a doubt, these canvas paintings have their artistic goals and will really adorn any wall where they will be hung. But you need to know that there are more aspects when it comes to the role of art.

Art can communicate feelings and emotions. Art can also teach history. There are some past events that are told with the use of art in the past since there was still no means of photography or any other medium that can be used to capture memories and moments. A lot of events and things were documented in art during the past.

The artists for so many years have indulged their fantasies. Their fantasies are not all sexual, but because of art, they can make the impossible possible. The artists can redefine reality. They can indulge in sensuousness and show their desire and passion that comes from within themselves.

Art can provide a creative channel and will allow the artist to channel their emotions, talent, and thoughts. There are a lot of famous old master artists that are eccentric, there were some that were slightly mad, but they were all geniuses in front of an easel with a palette.

The pop art paintings express images and consumerism from an iconic perspective. There are a lot of famous people and brands every single day that are being glorified. Pop art is all about what will make the people tick as a society and these pop art paintings will remind the society how they buy into it that much.

So who can judge art? People are the ones that can judge art. They are the observers. It is your right to interpret how you experience. There is not right or wrong because art is individual and objective. This is also important if you will consider the idea of modern art.

Context is one more thing that you need to consider. Context signifies the circumstances that will surround the production and reception of the art instead of anything that you can see present on the art. It does not matter if the artist is a man or woman, a secular or religious, self-taught or trained because it is not something on the work but it can provide more information that will affect the person of the work.

Art is happiness. Canvas painting can give one of the major platforms that will provide happiness. Regardless if the art is time-honored or focusing at the famous consumerism like the pop art paintings, the happiness will live forever. That is why you need to keep your mind open so that you will really appreciate art.