In the modern time, we use the word ‘crafter’ which actually has the meaning as the ancient word ‘craftsman’. In the olden times, it is believed that everything that a man does with his life is his craft.

What then is a craft? It is actually anything that is of value such as vehicles, buildings, harnesses and horseshoes, clothing, shoes, toys, hats, plumbing, and a lot more.

In this modern day, every time we hear the word crafter we will immediately think of somebody who can create using their hands alone and the decorations that they have made will then be recognized as their craft.

However, the truth behind this is that anybody can be a crafter or a craftsman such as the flooring man as well as the plumber. Their work is their craft.

The difference between art and craft has been a debatable issue these days. Art is not included in the necessities of life. This is because it does not produce products that are functional or useful to our daily lives. Art is actually beauty in the eye of the beholder as it can be applied to anything including a craft.

While art is a form of entertainment, a craft is something that needs to be done. Therefore, to settle the debate these days about the comparison of art and craft, you can consider making a wooden toy or a quilt or ceramics, then you know that you can be both the craftsman and the artist because it enables you to apply the skills and creativity that you have to make the design.

It is immediately apparent that an artist can enhance the way your craft looks but it cannot turn your craft into a self-sustaining useful product. If I am a craftsman, I can create a useful water bottle but it will be the same as the others because there is no uniqueness to it until the art is applied. You cannot consider yourself joining a craft show if you are not both an artist and a craftsman. If you will not be able to create your own unique design to your woodwork, then there is nothing for you to offer that will distinguish you from the rest of the craftsmen and artists. You need to have your own dream and express your own feelings through artistry.

You need to consider your a hobbyist if you want to be viewed as a crafter apart from the fact that you are able to create things that are useful to others. If you craft only because you want your product to be purchased, then you are not a crafter and an artist.

Therefore, in order for you to know if you are an artist or a crafter, you have to make an assessment if you are able to produce a necessity in life. Have you ever made beautiful shelf sitters? If you have, then you are definitely an artist. Have you ever sewed quilts? If you have then you are definitely a craftsman. How you are able to function is what your distinction will be. Anybody can be an artist or a craftsman, a lot of individuals can even be both an artist or a craftsman as long as you love the work that you are doing then you will be successful in life.