There are different things that you can do with your kids that not only them will enjoy but you as the parent or guardian will. Take, for example, making glow in the dark candles. If you are looking forward to doing something easy, fun, and neat with your kids, then a glow in the dark candle project is the one for you. You can do this during the rainy season no matter the age group that your kid belongs to. Kids just cannot get enough of creating things. With this kind of project, there is plenty of room for them to create. Here are some steps to ponder if you are planning to start a project in making glow in the dark candles with your kids.

Risks are always involved in creating glow in the dark candles. That is why, as much as possible, before you introduce this kind of project to your kids, you must provide them with appropriate supervision. It is never recommended to leave your kids alone when they are doing this kind of project. Keep in mind that you will be dealing with hot materials and sometimes the use of a stove for melting your gel. Thus, you should only start with this project if you are available. If you are not, better pick another project that will let you leave your child unattended. In case your children persist in making some, you can have them make some wickless candle instead that will allow them to put some fragrance inside. Most people call this type of candle as air fresheners.

Now that the first step to making this project a reality is covered, you proceed by gathering the needed materials for this project. Some local craft stores actually provide glow in the dark candle project kits that you can buy. Since glow in the dark candles are going to be gel candles, you should ask for this kind of candle when you look for them. The kit must be comprised of a candle gel, candle thermometer, glass containers, wicks, and complete instructions. Some kits also come with embeds. Most premade kits come in aquatic themes. This means that you will be getting them with some sand, fish, and seashell.

So, the last step before your glow in the dark candle making project begins is doing some preparation. You need to set up the place where you must do your project, which is most likely your kitchen table. Clean off your kitchen table before you will be starting this project. Like most arts and crafts projects entail, you need to make enough room for all of the process and materials and the people doing them to fit in. Gel candle making is akin to doing some cooking. A successful glow in the dark candle project always involves good ingredients, good timing, and a bit of patience from you. Once everything is set, you can then check out the specific instructions that your kits come with. Follow them step-by-step, and make sure that all of your materials have been properly set. Glow in the dark candles make perfect gifts this holiday season and any occasion for that matter.