Performing and Visual Arts

Visual arts are those that can be seen and touched. There are different forms of visual arts. Some examples are drawing, painting, pottery, photography and sculpture. Visual arts are able to awaken one’s senses and evoke a reaction. Visual arts are found almost anywhere. From architectures in buildings to interior designs, even to the landscaping of a lawn, visual arts are found. Performing arts, on the other hand, is more on performances such as dance, drama, and music. Television shows, theaters, and the songs you listen from the radio or your phone are considered performing arts. Performing arts are mainly for entertainment. Nonetheless, both forms of arts should be appreciated equally.

School Activities

Arts are not just for people who are naturally artistic or have innate talents with it. Doing and performing arts can be learned through various ways and the most conducive environment to foster such learning experience is in schools. It is mandatory for every school to teach students about arts as part of their curriculum. It is through arts that students are able to engage in the classroom. They can express their creativity and imaginative minds through both visual and performing arts. Students who prefer to engage in performing arts gain more confidence in being up stage. There are no limitations when it comes to art. Art creation requires no age, gender, or social status.

The main reason why art should be taught is for the students to appreciate the things around them. As previously mentioned, art can be found everywhere. Teaching students how to create their own piece of art will help them give an idea how the things around them are made. Students should be able to choose their field of interest when it comes to art learning. Each student has his or her own talents and capabilities. If a child is more of a performer, then singing, dancing, and acting should be encouraged. Students who display an interest in creating objects and other forms of crafts should be encouraged to do painting or drawing as starters. The path that the student would choose will help them in their decisions for their future career.

VA Organizations

Many art organizations are dedicated in promoting art to the local community. Typically, they are also artists themselves. They are able to promote a local artist’s work through various kinds of resources and publications. The importance of arts is stressed out in their advocacy which is why many other artists and aspiring ones support their cause.

VA in the Community

There is a huge societal impact in the promotion of arts in the society. Many art studios are made just from these organizations. Programs for art learning are already open for kids and adults. It is a great opportunity to learn how to create art from the professionals. The fine arts found in studios are more special simply because the artists have already received high recognition from their work. Promoting arts to all ages is a powerful method of inspiring people to become better and develop their hidden artistic abilities.