For most people, the line between fine art and commercial art is blurry. For some, though, they already have some things to say about both of them that make them very much different. Take, for instance, fine art paintings are thought to be depicting the pure aspect of graphics. On the other hand, when you say commercial art or advertisements, they are thought to be more corrupt in the graphics industry. Basically, with fine arts, despite displaying child, women, and men and having no limits in terms of perspective, it is innocent. It is deemed innocent in a way that it does not expect monetary returns every time it is done. For example, an artist does not paint a masterpiece with the goal of becoming rich. They do so with the intention to tell a story, portray what they perceive as reality, or describe an event.

If you look at commercial art or ads, on the other hand, that you often see anywhere you look with all sorts of graphics and fonts, you know that they are money-oriented. They are done for the sake of making a profit. Usually, you see them as displays of men as physical demigods, women in sexual content, and children as innocent little angels. All of them are done to expect the public to respond to such measures. Makers of commercial ads will do what they can to put people in a necessary situation that will allow them to make some money for it.

In terms of people of color and their religion, commercial advertising will bend their versions in a way that they feel will enable them to earn more money. When it comes to fine art, on the other hand, cultivated artists may paint Tahiti-influenced canvases without any intentions of collecting large sums of money. However, where have these great artists gone? Most of them have lived their lives and died as paupers.

Among the many subjects of misuse, children are among the most common form of human advertising misuse. Take, for instance, political advertising. Most presidents from across countries will not have second thoughts using children just so they can successfully deploy and expand their agenda. It is well-known among the politicians that children are capable of evoking some emotional responses from the people. If the presidential candidate, for example, is cordial and kisses and hugs the babies to make them appear a commoner, this will let him earn the votes that he or she needs. You can find several samples of how past presidents and those who are running for office have used children to boost their agenda and influence their political polls. There are some who have pictures with children as they read them some books in class. There are also some that discuss a wide array of issues with the kids.

This is in no way a guarantee that every politician has made this move just for show, but sadly, this has become an unforgiving trend worldwide. Nonetheless, it is best for one to keep in mind that there will always be a positive and a negative side to both fine art and commercial art.