Do you have kids that are quite difficult to handle when it comes to participation in learning? Perhaps you should incorporating interesting ideas to get their attention. Using science crafts can be a good way to engage them in the lesson. You should not worry about creating such crafts because they are easy to make. You can even let your kids create them by themselves. There are hundreds of science crafts and experience you can do and many of them are just very simple. The following are interesting science crafts for your kids that you can use in your next lecture:

Stick Compass

A good way to teach children about directions is through a stick compass. You will need a straight tree branch or a wooden dowel for this. Creating this science craft will need you to be outdoors. First, simply dig a small hole in the dirt and insert the tree branch in the hole. Make sure you do this during daytime since sunlight is needed for this activity. Once the tree branch is inserted, a shadow of the stick is created. At the end of the shadow, create a reference point. After several minutes, a different shadow will be observed at a different direction. Mark that shadow as another reference point. Once you mark a line between the two reference points, the East and West directions will be created. West is the first one and the East is the second. A stick compass is then created and your children will definitely understand the different directions.

Sponge Plant Anatomy

If you are teaching about plants and the process of their growth development, you should try out the sponge plant anatomy. This science craft can be done by the kids. All you need is a porous sponge and any type of flower seed. First step is to soak the sponge in water. After that, roll the sponge in the seeds. You may push the seeds even further to the sponge. Make the kids hang the sponge in a window where the seeds can get direct sunlight. Leave it out in the open sunlight for a few days and the seeds will begin to sprout. Once sprouted, you can transfer the seeds to a pot and teach your kids about the anatomy of plants as they grow.


Teaching children about colors can become more exciting if you use a science craft. You can use the slime idea because kids will definitely get interested in it. What you will need are a cup of water, corn starch, containers, and different food colorings. Teach the kids to combine different colors in one container. Try purchasing the basic colors for the food coloring so they will know how a color is created. They can use the corn starch and water mixture to create a slime-like appearance with an interesting color.

There are many other science crafts that you can use to get the attention of children. Remember that little kids lose their interest in boring lectures. You will need to find a way to engage them in the lesson. A very effective method is incorporating activities such as crafting and other interesting stuff.