Painting is one of the classic forms of art that has been existing since time immemorial. Today, you can choose from different canvases as well as different painting materials to make your piece of art possible. However, before you decide what your next artwork is going to be, you have to first determine what kind of paint you will be using. When it comes to painting, you often have two types of paint to choose from. They are oil paint and acrylic paint. Oil paint is the more traditional type of paint used among artists and is tried and tested. Acrylic paint, on the other hand, is the newer type of paint that a lot of artists have opted to use these days. These two types of paint have their own pros and cons. This short article will give you a glimpse of them for you to better decide if you should paint in oil or paint in acrylic. Either way, you are the one who will be painting; so, the final decision all lies on you.

If you say oil paint, this is the more traditional type of paint that makes use of powder pigments in combination with clear linseed oil. This paint does not dry off easily that is why it is the perfect paint of choice for smoothly blending in colors. This paint gives the artist plenty of time to contemplate about his painting and still be able to make edits and adjustments before the paint turns dry. Another upside to oil paint will be its luminous quality outcome that is caused by the linseed oil medium used. This medium allows illuminating of the paint on the surface because of its ability to let light pass through the paint. When it comes to fine art painting, oil paint has shown to be one of the most permanent mediums out there. Most of the paintings you see on wood and canvas were made from oil paint that dates back from the early Renaissance period to the 1960s when the acrylic paint was introduced.

On the other hand, acrylic paint is still new and is more or less fifty years old. This paint is still comprised of powdered pigments in combination with a liquid acrylic plastic medium. Compared with oil paint, acrylic paint has a tendency to dry quickly. This means that you have to make plans ahead of time and move quickly if you want to be doing some blending and modeling of colors. Nonetheless, being quick drying can be advantageous for those who need to paint in layers. Furthermore, if you need to be painting without doing a lot of blending or dealing with colors, then using this type of paint will suffice. For mixing of different mediums together such as found objects and acrylic drawing paper, acrylics are the best type of paint for the job. You can also choose different specialty mediums and paints for acrylics like gloss and matte mediums for thinning and mixing, modeling paste for texture, fluorescent and iridescent paint, and other special effect additives and mediums that could really enhance your creativity and artistry.

Nonetheless, you can combine both these types of paint together. For instance, you can begin your painting with acrylic paint and then finish it with an oil paint.