An interesting activity that your kids can do this Christmas season is creating snowman Christmas crafts. The created crafts can be used as home decorations this holiday season. You and your family’s holiday celebration will definitely become more joyful and interesting if you let your kids try creating new crafts for Christmas.

Some of the popular and easy to make snowman Christmas crafts for kids are as follows:

Paper Plate Snowman

An unusual material used to create a snowman craft is paper plate. Your kids can put together paper plates of different sizes to make a snowman. The entire process can be quite intricate but it will fun to do for young children. To make it simpler for them, you simply have to punch a hole at the bottom of the small plate. Do the same at the top of the large plates. Inform your kids to attach the two plate sizes together using a pipe cleaner. Continue the entire process until a snowman figure will be made. Make them use markers in creating the face of the snowman on the small plate and also the buttons on the larger plates.

Your kids may also create a scarf for the figure by cutting a piece of construction paper. Just make sure you are there to supervise when they use the scissors. The shape does not have to be accurate. Just tell your kids to imagine what a scarf looks like and whatever they make should be enough. Real buttons are also fun to use as well if you have stock on hand.

Craft Foam Snowmen

A more interesting way to create a snowman craft is by using craft foam. Craft foam can be shaped into circles which will be used for the body and head of the snowman. It would be best if you precut the craft foams before handing them to your kids as the cutting process may be a bit difficult for them to do.

If your kids want to create the scarf and the face of the snowman using the same craft foams, you should assist them in changing the shape of the material. Teach them to create different shapes for the nose and eyes of the figure. As much as possible, give them the freedom to choose whatever color they want for the scarf and buttons of the snowman.

Recycled Milk Jug Snowman

Another interesting idea for a snowman craft is the use of a clean recycled milk jug. A milk jug greatly resembles the head of a snowman which is why it is a good material to use in creating a snowman craft. To make it more interesting, have your kids create a black hat to be put on top of the head of the figure.

The handle of the empty milk jug can be used as the snowman’s nose. Its eyes can be drawn from the sides. Your kids may use wiggly eyes or craft foams to make it more appealing.

Styrofoam Ball Snowmen

The most interesting way to build a snowman Christmas craft is through Styrofoam balls. Precut Styrofoam balls can be bought at a local store and building a snowman through this material becomes much easier for your kids. They can color some parts of the Styrofoam balls for the facial features, scarf, buttons, and other details of the snowman.