With the Christmas season coming soon, do you already have ideas for Christmas crafts for children?

Every holiday season, it is already normal to expect cards and presents from the people we love. Be it from your friends or family, the spirit of Christmas is always about giving. Creating the best cards or gifts for Christmas does not have to come from stores or expensive materials. You can choose to be creative in using your used materials at home. And if you are planning to make your children happy for Christmas, you should think of activities that can make them busy during the holiday season. Creating Christmas cards collage is definitely a great idea.

If you have received hundreds of Christmas cards and you already have nowhere to store them, it would be best if you let your children create a collage out of them. Creating a collage out of your Christmas cards can be a very fun and interesting activity for your kids. It can also be a good idea to de-clutter your drawer and recycle some of your materials at home. What you will need is of course your old Christmas cards. Gather them in one container and separate those that you feel have a lot of sentimental value to you. Some of the other materials that you will need are glue, scissors, cotton wool, colored papers, and other decorations. Always make sure to supervise your children while using these materials as some of them can be harmful to them.

After gathering all the materials necessary for the craft, invite your kids to cut out interesting shapes coming from the old Christmas cards. Cards with interesting figures or images can be cut out to make new ones. Images of Santa Claus, bells, candies, candles, and angels can be used as great decorations in making a new card. Your children can also cut out printed rhymes, poems, and quotes from the cards to be pasted on the new one. The end product of this activity is considered as a card collage because it is a collected of decorations from several other Christmas cards. This is an inexpensive way of creating a Christmas card. Other than that, giving such Christmas card collage made by kids can add a lot of sentimental value both to the giver and receiver. This is definitely a great way to recycle your old Christmas cards without spending a single penny.

A useful material that your children can use in making a creative Christmas card is cotton wool. It can be used to make a Santa image and a scene of outdoor snow. Colored papers can be used in creating Christmas trees and decorations. The doilies can be used as snowflakes or as angels with their white outfits. Add some glitter and your kids can produce an amazing form of Christmas craft. Because some of these materials can be quite difficult to use for children, you must be there to teach them how to create art out of those materials. Kids would love to add some sparkle on their cards. As a finisher, make your kids sign the cards and add their personal message. It would definitely delight someone because the card was especially made for them.