Do you want to do something fun with your kids that you can be proud of and that your kids will come to love? Have you ever thought of doing some face painting for them yet are not sure where to begin? If you do, then you have just come to the right place. Face painting is one of the best ways for you to be bold this coming holiday season and in any event and occasion for that matter. There are quite a lot of face painting patterns and designs that you can choose from and do on your own for your kids and their friends. You can even come up with some face paint designs with your kids. Now, how fun is that? Want something more fun and exciting for the entire family? Yes, you can when you have the entire family be involved in learning how to face paint. Everyone who is anyone can truly create their very own face painting masterpiece!

When it comes to face painting designs for kids, just think of three things: creative, simple, and easy. Do not pressure yourself into doing something that you are not comfortable doing. Just remember one thing: always choose your face painting materials wisely. As much as possible, you should always go with excellent quality water-based painting sets. In terms of ease of use, they are just like watercolors. The best part about them is that you can also find them easily be it from your local craft stores to some online stores. Being water-based, you will not have a hard time removing these paints with the use of a paper towel and some water. Just be sure that the packaging of the face paint materials that you use says that it is indeed for face paint. Keep in mind that most craft paints can be toxic to the skin.

Some of the simplest to follow face painting design ideas for kids include pumpkins, witches, vampires, clowns, and ghosts. Going for a fairy princess, a spider web, or a pirate’s eye patch can also be great. Below are some of the ideas for your next face painting venture involving the entire family.

• Pirate: To create this look, you can simply paint a black eye patch around the eye. You can also include adding a black beard and a black mustache. You may even paint a headscarf across the forehead of the kid.

• Fairy Princess: You can paint some feathery lines away from and around the eyes. To finish the look, add some glistening stars to your design.

• Spider webs: You can go full face or paint on either cheek of the kid when you go with this kind of design. You can paint different lines in shades of black, gray, and a bit of white.

• Jewelry: You can paint some dots around the wrist or neck about the size of pearls. Paint a charm-like peace or heart design from your bracelet or necklace.

• Clown: You can paint the outside of the lips and nose red. Just be sure to make the area around the lips big. You can then proceed to outline the red mouth with a white color. Oversize the eyebrows and paint some eye lines from the outside portion of your eye to the temple.

• Rainbows: This face design is one of the most popular and easiest ones there are. You can paint some thick lines in a horseshoe pattern ranging from blue, green, yellow, and red colors. To complete the look, add a puffy white cloud at each end.