According to recent statistics, 65% of the entire population are visual learners. You can easily grasp this number owing to the fact that 90% of information that is transferred to the brain is visual information. The brain has also been found to easily and quickly transmit visual information than text information. You need not wonder then why videos have become very popular online as a source of engagement and communication.

The popularity of 3D animation
For a lot of companies, it has now become very challenging for their message to get across their target population. This is no doubt influenced by the increasing number of videos made available online. It is, thus, crucial that you have something extra in your videos. This is the part where 3D animation goes into the picture.

One of the most effective methods of swaying the choices of consumers to purchase something is animated audiovisual content. There are a lot of reasons why animated content is more effective than other forms of visual content. You can find these reasons as follows.
1. Animated videos work effectively in getting and keeping the attention of viewers. They are effective in resonating and sparking conversations among viewers.
2. Animation makes brands better simplify complicated issues. With 3D animation, you can explain a number of concepts much easier in comparison to other visuals.
3. Visualizations help in better telling the general public the benefits and features of certain products and technology.
4. They are plain fun.
5. You can talk about anything through them.
6. They are not that expensive to make.

The principles used in turning your 3D animation into a success
The popularity of animated audiovisuals is never reason enough that your audiovisual content will be a success to your target population. There are certain principles in making animated audiovisual content that you must keep in mind to be sure that what you are making becomes a success.

  1. Photorealistic and quality animations: In order for your animated audiovisual content to look more alive, you must be able to make a 3D animation with high quality. This requires you to add some reflections to the surface of your object as well as use some realistic materials, pay attention to lighting, and better look at every detail of your audiovisual content.
  2. Anticipation: This particular principle builds the expectations of the viewers before any movement takes places. Take, for instance, before the heel of the character will step on the ground, their heel must be pressing down first. The anticipation principle of your audiovisual content helps in ensuring that it does not look too robotic.
  3. Exaggeration: This particular principle is a must to give more energy to the characters that you have in your 3D animation. You may use this principle for your characters to do some poses on video. This helps in attracting your target population to look at what your character is exactly doing and what message he or she is getting across your target audience.
  4. Staging: The placement of characters and objects in your video is very important. It gives your target audience a better understanding regarding your video narrative as well as what role your video characters play. This principle encompasses your cinematography, setting, and timing.