Art has been around for centuries and a lot of people have studied it. Millions of artists have come and gone but their paintings remain in the walls of myriad museums and homes. For people who love the art of painting, there is more to it than just staring at the pretty pictures that are hanged on the walls. There are knowledge and a lot of feeling for artists who love painting and that is how their masterpieces have been created.

The moment you get to view Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting is the exact moment that you have truly set your eyes on art. As soon as he was done with the last stroke of the painting, this has become a masterpiece that immediately gained its popularity in no time at all. The King of France became so obsessed with his work of art that he wanted to have the entire wall brought to France immediately.

The Sistine Chapel that was created by Michelangelo has the same effect on the people as well. Although it is not a wall painting like what Da Vinci has made, it is still considered a brilliant piece of art. The absolute dimensions of this masterpiece are definitely amazing. What is more astounding about this is the fact that he spent four years making this masterpiece. It is indeed a perfect piece of art.

Regardless of your preference in the masterpieces that you enjoy the most when it comes to arts & crafts, may it be that you enjoy the masterpieces with the modern approach to art paintings or you love to have the masterpieces that were created by well-renowned artists of all time, one fact will remain the same. It is immediately apparent that the world is art will always be an exciting and amazing world. Taking back from the masterpieces made at the time of the Revival period until the masterpieces that are made in the contemporary modern art world with the eccentric circles that have created an endless mystery to it, an art painting will always be the proper way to beautify your wall. There is a world of mystery and beauty provided by the world of painting whether it is from abstract paintings or oil paintings. After all, art is not what you see but what you make others see and that is the job of an artist. Without the artists, we would still be living in a fewer cultures world where we could hardly appreciate the beauty that is around us and within us, and we will still be spending too much time doing meaningless tasks.

Art has played an important role in our lives since it helps us fight against intolerance of different cultures and racism, as well as the other forms of unjust societal segregation. This is why it is believed that art is a form of creative human expression since it is a way of enriching the human experience and enhancing their feelings through the expression of art.