Letting preschoolers engage in traditional arts and crafts is something that you expect most schools to be doing to these young students. As a preschool teacher, you might already have finished preparing some arts and crafts projects that you can use in the following school year. However, have you ever wondered about the effects that these activities will have on preschoolers? What are the benefits of letting them engage in these arts and crafts projects at an early age?

When it comes to young students like preschoolers, they just cannot get enough of doing some arts and crafts. A lot of nursery and kindergarten teachers do not need to cover as much ground as that which you can expect from elementary teachers all because they can fill up their time with some arts and crafts for kids. However, the curriculum in the preschool classroom must also be made in a way that the basic skills of the children will be developed.

Developmental preschool education often revolves around curriculum guidelines on famous psychologists like Erick Erickson and Jean Piaget. It is according to what they have discovered about children where the preschool curriculum must be based on.

According to Erick Erickson, children are struggling with some basic concepts at various stages of their lives. They have to be able to navigate these stages successfully before they will be able to proceed to the next stage. When it comes to preschoolers, one of the issues that most of them struggle with is self-esteem. Self-esteem in this regard is referred to as their ability to trust themselves as well as how good they really feel about themselves. All these and more will help determine how successful they will turn out in school.

Sadly, it has been found that traditional arts and crafts for preschoolers do not help them foster a good level of self-esteem. How good will preschoolers feel about themselves if all of the projects that they are doing at school are the same with each other and are not unique? Even if the teachers will instruct the kids that they should be doing their very own art project, they still end up getting the same looking arts and crafts projects from the kids.

There are even some kindergarten teachers that let preschoolers do arts and crafts projects; however, they are already holding a model of what the kids will be doing. This is in no way capable of letting children better express themselves and their creativity. For preschoolers, it is fine to let them engage in some arts and crafts projects; however, you have to make sure that they are able to create at their own level. They should be allowed to make mistakes in a safe environment, that at their age are not really mistakes. By doing these things, you are allowing for arts and crafts to have some positive impact on their self-esteem. As the child grows up with high self-esteem, they will learn how to take new risks in a safe manner. Taking risks is most definitely one of the requirements when they will proceed to elementary school.