A number of modern poets put up their compositions online not just to earn some money but also to get constructive criticisms about their work. Writing a poetry review is step-by-step process that is highly individualized. Even so, there must be some rules that must be followed in order for the reviewer to write the most out of the poetry they are reviewing.

The common goal of writing reviews on poems is to express in words what they have learned and read from the poetry composition. This can be considered an attempt to sort whatever impressions the person has been getting from the poetry work. However, it is more on a very detailed analysis of the poem and some basic knowledge about literary theory.

Writing a poetry review is done to provide your own criticism regarding what the poem is coming across to you. You are not writing a review for each line of the poem but the poem as a whole. In addition, it is not recommended that you give full details about your poetry review.

In point of fact, your review will be uninteresting if it is only filled with feedback that is all positive. Doing so gives you an idea that the reviewer was not being honest with their review, usually. There must be a fine distinction about writing poetry reviews. When you write a formal poetry review that is a positive one, then there is n doubt that it would be of benefit to other readers and poet themselves. Each talent no matter how small must still be praised in one way or another. This helps in making sure that the talent will also be nourished and developed in the coming days. Praises give a favorable environment for growth on the part of the poet. When there is no growth in writing poetry, then the author might come to think that poetry is never for them anyway. Of course, you have authors that are never deserving to be receiving some praises, but when talent is found, do remember not to bury it with your reviews.

So, what tips should you take note of when writing poetry reviews to be sure that you are helping to develop the talent of the author? What you can do first is to put yourself in the shoes of the poet. Upon an author’s point of view, you must make sure to try exploring on the world of that is created by the poem being criticized. Acknowledge the knowledge, point of view, and language of the author. Write a review as how you take a look at this poem being a poetry reviewer. This approach enhances your understanding about the poem and the author as you go about writing a review for them.

A good poetry reviewer need not understand what the author is trying to imply on their poems. Their job is to write about how they perceive the work of the author with the use of their intuition as well as intellect. You can even just use a few or several sentences to get your message across. And lastly, do not be afraid to insert some expressions found in the poem itself.