Art has become available for people of all ages. Even children can already show their creativity and actualize their imaginations through art. It is also through art that children can be appreciated for their work. But as much as art is appreciated, nature should be too. The latest craft trend today is more inclined on appreciating both art and nature at the same time. Green crafts, as what they like to call it, are art pieces that use inexpensive materials that have been reused and recycled. This trend of craft is not only to lessen expenses but also for aesthetic beauty. Instead of the traditional materials used mainly for crafting, recycled and reused materials offer a different but appealing look. Teaching kids to create green crafts also helps them understand the importance of the environment and how they could help maintain it. Eco-friendly crafts and arts also help children bring out their creative spirit. Instead of using the usual prepackaged craft kits, children can create artworks from their own imagination and creativity.

The materials to create a green craft do not have to be bought in stores. From its concept, you can simply use items that you use around your home. Some of the materials you can use include plastic bags, paper bags, greeting cards, towels, glass jars, egg cartons, wooden spoons, worn out clothes, unused buttons and ribbons, paper plates, and used wrapping papers. The selection is limitless as long you have items at home that are safe to use by your children. You can even choose materials that are outside your property. Leaves, sticks, rocks, flowers, and sand can be used as materials for green craft. Just make sure you do not kill plants or trees just for the purpose of transforming it to an artwork.

If you want your children to enjoy making green crafts during their vacant times, you should start collecting possible craft materials around your home. Keep them in a large box so that whenever your children have the time or the desire to create green crafts, they can do so right away. Children love to create crafts instead of playing during rainy days. Aside from the recycled materials, you will also need to include other items such as paint, scissors, glue, and staples. Always remember to supervise your children while using these tools as they could harm them when not used properly. At the end of the day, you will be surprise at how well they create crafts using reused and recycled materials.

There are many things that children can create out of recycled items. Some of the things they can create are ornaments, costumes, puppets, scrapbooks, jewelry, book covers, masks, headdresses, and containers. They can create many other things as long as there is a vast supply of recycled materials.

Creating green crafts is a very interesting activity for children. It can boost their creativity and their love for the environment. Not only children but you will also learn how to appreciate nature.