“What is art for?” is a really straightforward question. One simple answer for that is, “art is decoration”, but this will be ignoring a lot of elementary and important meanings. The history of art is full of great examples of canvas paintings that will show violent and disturbing images, inaccurate or sometimes stylish likenesses and also some things that will need you to really take care in order to avoid some wear and tear.

Without a doubt, these canvas paintings have their artistic goals and will really adorn any wall where they will be hung. But you need to know that there are more aspects when it comes to the role of art.

Art can communicate feelings and emotions. Art can also teach history. There are some past events that are told with the use of art in the past since there was still no means of photography or any other medium that can be used to capture memories and moments. A lot of events and things were documented in art during the past.

The artists for so many years have indulged their fantasies. Their fantasies are not all sexual, but because of art, they can make the impossible possible. The artists can redefine reality. They can indulge in sensuousness and show their desire and passion that comes from within themselves.

Art can provide a creative channel and will allow the artist to channel their emotions, talent, and thoughts. There are a lot of famous old master artists that are eccentric, there were some that were slightly mad, but they were all geniuses in front of an easel with a palette.

The pop art paintings express images and consumerism from an iconic perspective. There are a lot of famous people and brands every single day that are being glorified. Pop art is all about what will make the people tick as a society and these pop art paintings will remind the society how they buy into it that much.

So who can judge art? People are the ones that can judge art. They are the observers. It is your right to interpret how you experience. There is not right or wrong because art is individual and objective. This is also important if you will consider the idea of modern art.

Context is one more thing that you need to consider. Context signifies the circumstances that will surround the production and reception of the art instead of anything that you can see present on the art. It does not matter if the artist is a man or woman, a secular or religious, self-taught or trained because it is not something on the work but it can provide more information that will affect the person of the work.

Art is happiness. Canvas painting can give one of the major platforms that will provide happiness. Regardless if the art is time-honored or focusing at the famous consumerism like the pop art paintings, the happiness will live forever. That is why you need to keep your mind open so that you will really appreciate art.