Art has evolved in more ways than one. If in the past, people had limited art expressions because of their limited art resources, the same cannot be said today. Take, for instance, painted furniture. Until this day, people are not so sure what they are getting when you talk about painted furniture. For most people, they think of these items as a scraped-up old chair, for example, that you can pick up from the flea market. This will then end up in your laundry room. However, this is not always true in this modern day and age. Why so? For starters, have you ever considered painted furniture to be an art form? If you don’t, well, you should. Nonetheless, you do not have to be talented when it comes to the arts if you want to create your very own unique art pieces in the form of painted furniture.

Are you feeling a little creative today? Want to try a painted furniture project? If you do, here are some things that you can do. To start this project, go to any flea market or thrift shop and get a small table or chair. You may choose to get a scratched-up, painted, or scraped-up piece of furniture in these places. You will not have to worry about them because the use of sandpaper will do the trick for you.

Proceed to find a base color. You can start checking your local stores for a good brush and a can of acrylic paint. If possible, you should be getting small bottles of acrylic paint that comes in different colors. Again, you can see these materials in your nearly local crafts stores. You should also be including a cheap little brush set. One all of these things are prepared, proceed to start painting your furniture item of choice. Acrylic easily dries out. Thus, after half of an hour, you may already be ready to move.

If you are going to be starting your own painted furniture project, do not be afraid to express yourself and be creative. You may choose to paint shapes or anything that you can think of that appeals to you the most. Perhaps you will outline the shape that you have chosen with contrasting colors. Painted furniture can actually be a good canvas for pop art creation. Maybe you want to have a vine painted in your furniture that runs across your table or drapes gracefully across your chair seat. What about putting some stripes on the rungs of your chair? With painted furniture, the sky is most definitely the limit. You can even put a geometric pattern that will look very attractive to you. There are no limits to what kind of colors you will be using as your paint. When you will have your kids involved in the furniture painting project you have come up with, you can let them go with bright primary color choices in terms of paint. If you have teen daughters, they may prefer more of the pastel shades for the furniture that you have painted for them. When you have selected dark green as your base paint color, you can then use a burnt orange paint color to provide some contrast.