Before learning more about the start of various tattoo ideas, you have to first know something about the word ‘tattoo’. To begin with, there are a lot of significant etymologies that revolve around the word ‘tattoo’. The first one being ‘ta’ that has been associated among the Native Polynesians which means having an impact upon a specific something. On the other hand, the second one being ‘tatau’ that is a Tahitian word that means ‘to tag something’.

Tattoos have been shown to have started several centuries ago based on documents. And they come from a diversified and multicolored heritage in the same manner as the men and women who wear them. According to some in-depth research, tattoos have been developed in more or less the same time as the introduction of supplies that have some pigment found beneath the coat skin surface.

At first, tattoo as a form of body art started off accidentally. In the past, a person who has been cut or has suffered from little injury accidentally used their dirty hand wipe the location of the injury. This dirty hand contained coats of soot and ashes. When the cut was cured, the other people discovered that the skin layer has bene healed with the ashes. The tag then turned out as a permanent accessory already to that person.

European countries such as Greece and Rome were the ones that started the needling process of tattooing. However, proof of such information has only been seen among the archeological finding like the cicatrix, which up until now is still subject to debate. There are still some researchers who believe that tattooing civilizations have already scattered around Europe even before the Ice Age.

In the caves of Portugal and Scandinavia as well as in France, sharp silica tools as well as bowls having black and red colored footprints were found. With how these tools looked like, they seem to lean more on being used for body art purposes.

What further proof is there that proves that tattoos have existed for quite some time and have some influence on the current tattoo trends and ideas?

In France, in one of their rock support beams, there have been images that have been found showing some people to have some inked lines, the horizontal kind, on their nostrils. There are some people in this recent age that have followed this particular tattoo idea.

From 5000 BC, clay statuettes have shown some residues that associate the discovery of body art as found in the Romanian Danube area. Sculptures and sketches found in one of the graveyards in Greece also show some individuals who are needled. And by looking at how complicated these adornments were, you can conclude that they represent some form of body artwork.

So, what does all of these things mean for modern tattoo ideas?

Today, your options of tattoo ideas are endless. Technology has paved the way even for the design and creation of various intricate tattoo designs that are one of a kind and something that will really be worth inking permanently on your skin. However, no matter how highly advanced and creative all of these tattoos are now, they would have never existed without this art expression existing in the past centuries.