Until this day, there is still a lot of confusion regarding the things and tasks that videographers and photographers do. This has resulted to several debates on what makes a professional videographer different from a professional photographer. Furthermore, this has led to professional video production companies to really provide a clear explanation regarding the matter.

There are numerous conflicts surrounding the jobs of professional videographers and photographers. The most obvious conflict will have to be the fact that it seems like the both of them are competing for a similar position.

The jobs of both videographers and photographers defined

Videographers and photographers are akin to skiers and snowboarders. Basically, the both of these professionals are very different when it comes to how they work and what they do. It is crucial for people to know that the roles they play can never be interchanged with one another.

A professional photographer takes pictures using their camera. These professionals can work as individual contractors or can work for companies. They capture one moment at a time in one still image. Therefore, to get some ideas about a particular event, several pictures must be taken.

A professional videographer, on the other hand, captures an event with the use of their video camera. These professionals capture in audiovisual quality a series of moments during the event. They can work individually or can work for companies. One film is enough to document one entire event.

Major differences between the two

Though videography and photography have some similarities, you cannot simply put them into one category. There are still a number of differences between the two of them.

Photography has been existing for quite some time. A lot of people have a certain understanding about the important role that photography plays in their lives. Moreover, they are also well aware of the kind of work that professional photographers must put into their craft just to get the perfect pictures and deliver amazing pictures to their clients.

Meanwhile, videography, is all about capturing moving images and including some audio. Videos are now keeping up with photos as a method of communication. Even if this is fact, there are still not a lot of people who understand clearly how much work videographers must put into documenting an event, editing a film, and making sure that their clients are satisfied with their videos.

There is more to documenting events in videos than just holding your camera. There are some things that professional videographers do that they do not tell you, and here are some of them.

  1. Creating a video is both capturing what you see and what you hear. Professional videographers make sure to get the best audio quality by using an external sound recording equipment. During editing, both the audiovisual content and the sound recording must be synchronized. While photographers only worry about their pictures, videographers have to juggle with all of these things.
  2. For perfect capturing of crucial moments using the best angles, several sound equipment and cameras must be used. This also implies that the videographer must be going through various sources of footages while editing to capture the most perfect film. With photographers, they just need to find the best shots even if they have used many cameras.
  3. Lastly, more equipment is needed by professional videographers to get the perfect footage. They may need not just more than one video camera but siders, stabilizers, drones, and microphones to perfectly capture the event.