Do you ever just buy a new art material because you thought that you already run out of it only to go home and find out that you actually have plenty of it just sitting around one corner in your home? Instances like this can be a total waste of money and effort but they usually happen most especially if you don’t keep your arts and crafts materials organized. But how can you get rid of this problem?

If you constantly end up with clutter after every art session and you just place your art supplies anywhere you can because you don’t really have a segregated place for them, one of the best solutions to this problem is to once and for all organize your art supplies. This way, you will never have a hard time looking for them whenever you need to and you can also free your place from all the clutter they may cause. To help you organize your art supplies, this article will provide you with some helpful tips to do so.

Get a Workshop

One of the most common reasons why you often misplace your art materials is that you don’t segregate them well. But what if you secure a place just for your art supplies? If you create a space just intended for all your art supplies, you definitely need to get a workshop where you can keep them and have a nice working space with good lighting for you to work on your arts and crafts. If you have a workshop, there is a lesser chance that you will have a hard time looking for your art supplies again and you can even have a comfortable place to do your artworks, wrap your gifts and basically just do everything related to your hobby.

Have a Categorized Shelf

If a workshop is too much for you or if you already have a large space in your room, you can also have a large shelf just intended for your art supplies and categorize them according to your own preference. Shelves with a lot of dividers can be very helpful when organizing your art supplies because it allows you to store various types of items and categorize them according to their type, color or any other category. For instance, you can have a scrapbooking section in your shelf or if you paint using various mediums, you can have a watercolor section or an oil painting section where you can place all the different materials you need for every art style.

Ribbons and Small Items

If you are also fond of keeping ribbons for gift wrapping, you can also roll them in sticks and place them on the shelves specifically for ribbons of various colors and types. This way, you can avoid damaging the ribbons while just dumping them in a box and you can even use them conveniently whenever necessary without having to constantly de-clutter. For small items, you can make use of old containers such as food boxes and plastic canisters that you might want to throw after using. You can also use used jars for small items and old tin cookie or biscuit boxes for your sewing kit.

With an organized working space, you can definitely get creative whenever you want since you wouldn’t have a hard time looking for your art supplies. So what more are you waiting for? If you are looking for more ideas to organize your art and craft supplies, discover more in this page now.