Collecting art is a very personal matter. This, thus, makes it an act where there is no right or wrong. You see, art depends on the taste and preferences of the person, and when you are thinking of starting your own art collection, you must buy things that give your excitement and make you fall in love. Of course, there are different art styles, trends, and names that sell faster than the others. Art can get quite trending at times and a particular artist trending over another. However, there will always be fine art that you can find for every quality piece of art and investment that you make.

Investing in art is a good idea
When doing art investment, there is one thing you need to know about the entire process. For instance, if you buy an art piece that you are passionate about, as time goes by, the art house, gallery, or artist might start selling the artwork of the artist with more than the amount of money that you have paid for it originally. This is what you call getting an equity for the art piece that you have bought. Bear in mind that a lot of things can influence the growth of equity depending yet again on the current demand of the artist that you have bought your art piece from. Some people actually think about their art collection as currency wherein they were able to trade their art pieces for other things that they need. With your art collection, it is very much possible for you to pay your dinner, pay your own bills, and even buy your own car.

The ultimate value in art is found in other people who possess the same passion about the artist just like you. Keeping this in mind, when you have collected the right art pieces, you can use them to serve as leverage as you share them to the whole world. A lot of traveling exhibitions, museums, and corporations actually lease these art pieces in order for owners to earn some income out of their art pieces. However, if you really want the best return of value with the art that you are collecting, then you should purchase art for love. By doing so, you always get some value out of them in the best way possible.

Here are some other crucial details that every new collector must figure out such as yourself.

  • Do some research. Proper research is an art collector’s best friend. Invest your time in learning about the art pieces that you are thinking of buying as well as the artist that is producing the art pieces. It is better that you personally buy your art and even better if you go meet the artist yourself. You can actually save more of your money if you buy from an artist during their studio sales.
  • Collect with focus. If you are still new at collecting art, you can start off by not limiting yourself with one kind of artwork that you should be buying. You can begin focusing between two and three styles to build your art collection. This gives you some idea what kind of artwork you should be concentrating on buying the next time.
  • Correct title transfer. Once you buy art pieces, be sure that the art gallery or artist will provide you complete details of the artwork such as edition numbers, history, artist information, artist signature, condition, and provenance.

According to recent statistics, 65% of the entire population are visual learners. You can easily grasp this number owing to the fact that 90% of information that is transferred to the brain is visual information. The brain has also been found to easily and quickly transmit visual information than text information. You need not wonder then why videos have become very popular online as a source of engagement and communication.

The popularity of 3D animation
For a lot of companies, it has now become very challenging for their message to get across their target population. This is no doubt influenced by the increasing number of videos made available online. It is, thus, crucial that you have something extra in your videos. This is the part where 3D animation goes into the picture.

One of the most effective methods of swaying the choices of consumers to purchase something is animated audiovisual content. There are a lot of reasons why animated content is more effective than other forms of visual content. You can find these reasons as follows.
1. Animated videos work effectively in getting and keeping the attention of viewers. They are effective in resonating and sparking conversations among viewers.
2. Animation makes brands better simplify complicated issues. With 3D animation, you can explain a number of concepts much easier in comparison to other visuals.
3. Visualizations help in better telling the general public the benefits and features of certain products and technology.
4. They are plain fun.
5. You can talk about anything through them.
6. They are not that expensive to make.

The principles used in turning your 3D animation into a success
The popularity of animated audiovisuals is never reason enough that your audiovisual content will be a success to your target population. There are certain principles in making animated audiovisual content that you must keep in mind to be sure that what you are making becomes a success.

  1. Photorealistic and quality animations: In order for your animated audiovisual content to look more alive, you must be able to make a 3D animation with high quality. This requires you to add some reflections to the surface of your object as well as use some realistic materials, pay attention to lighting, and better look at every detail of your audiovisual content.
  2. Anticipation: This particular principle builds the expectations of the viewers before any movement takes places. Take, for instance, before the heel of the character will step on the ground, their heel must be pressing down first. The anticipation principle of your audiovisual content helps in ensuring that it does not look too robotic.
  3. Exaggeration: This particular principle is a must to give more energy to the characters that you have in your 3D animation. You may use this principle for your characters to do some poses on video. This helps in attracting your target population to look at what your character is exactly doing and what message he or she is getting across your target audience.
  4. Staging: The placement of characters and objects in your video is very important. It gives your target audience a better understanding regarding your video narrative as well as what role your video characters play. This principle encompasses your cinematography, setting, and timing.

Until this day, there is still a lot of confusion regarding the things and tasks that videographers and photographers do. This has resulted to several debates on what makes a professional videographer different from a professional photographer. Furthermore, this has led to professional video production companies to really provide a clear explanation regarding the matter.

There are numerous conflicts surrounding the jobs of professional videographers and photographers. The most obvious conflict will have to be the fact that it seems like the both of them are competing for a similar position.

The jobs of both videographers and photographers defined

Videographers and photographers are akin to skiers and snowboarders. Basically, the both of these professionals are very different when it comes to how they work and what they do. It is crucial for people to know that the roles they play can never be interchanged with one another.

A professional photographer takes pictures using their camera. These professionals can work as individual contractors or can work for companies. They capture one moment at a time in one still image. Therefore, to get some ideas about a particular event, several pictures must be taken.

A professional videographer, on the other hand, captures an event with the use of their video camera. These professionals capture in audiovisual quality a series of moments during the event. They can work individually or can work for companies. One film is enough to document one entire event.

Major differences between the two

Though videography and photography have some similarities, you cannot simply put them into one category. There are still a number of differences between the two of them.

Photography has been existing for quite some time. A lot of people have a certain understanding about the important role that photography plays in their lives. Moreover, they are also well aware of the kind of work that professional photographers must put into their craft just to get the perfect pictures and deliver amazing pictures to their clients.

Meanwhile, videography, is all about capturing moving images and including some audio. Videos are now keeping up with photos as a method of communication. Even if this is fact, there are still not a lot of people who understand clearly how much work videographers must put into documenting an event, editing a film, and making sure that their clients are satisfied with their videos.

There is more to documenting events in videos than just holding your camera. There are some things that professional videographers do that they do not tell you, and here are some of them.

  1. Creating a video is both capturing what you see and what you hear. Professional videographers make sure to get the best audio quality by using an external sound recording equipment. During editing, both the audiovisual content and the sound recording must be synchronized. While photographers only worry about their pictures, videographers have to juggle with all of these things.
  2. For perfect capturing of crucial moments using the best angles, several sound equipment and cameras must be used. This also implies that the videographer must be going through various sources of footages while editing to capture the most perfect film. With photographers, they just need to find the best shots even if they have used many cameras.
  3. Lastly, more equipment is needed by professional videographers to get the perfect footage. They may need not just more than one video camera but siders, stabilizers, drones, and microphones to perfectly capture the event.

A number of modern poets put up their compositions online not just to earn some money but also to get constructive criticisms about their work. Writing a poetry review is step-by-step process that is highly individualized. Even so, there must be some rules that must be followed in order for the reviewer to write the most out of the poetry they are reviewing.

The common goal of writing reviews on poems is to express in words what they have learned and read from the poetry composition. This can be considered an attempt to sort whatever impressions the person has been getting from the poetry work. However, it is more on a very detailed analysis of the poem and some basic knowledge about literary theory.

Writing a poetry review is done to provide your own criticism regarding what the poem is coming across to you. You are not writing a review for each line of the poem but the poem as a whole. In addition, it is not recommended that you give full details about your poetry review.

In point of fact, your review will be uninteresting if it is only filled with feedback that is all positive. Doing so gives you an idea that the reviewer was not being honest with their review, usually. There must be a fine distinction about writing poetry reviews. When you write a formal poetry review that is a positive one, then there is n doubt that it would be of benefit to other readers and poet themselves. Each talent no matter how small must still be praised in one way or another. This helps in making sure that the talent will also be nourished and developed in the coming days. Praises give a favorable environment for growth on the part of the poet. When there is no growth in writing poetry, then the author might come to think that poetry is never for them anyway. Of course, you have authors that are never deserving to be receiving some praises, but when talent is found, do remember not to bury it with your reviews.

So, what tips should you take note of when writing poetry reviews to be sure that you are helping to develop the talent of the author? What you can do first is to put yourself in the shoes of the poet. Upon an author’s point of view, you must make sure to try exploring on the world of that is created by the poem being criticized. Acknowledge the knowledge, point of view, and language of the author. Write a review as how you take a look at this poem being a poetry reviewer. This approach enhances your understanding about the poem and the author as you go about writing a review for them.

A good poetry reviewer need not understand what the author is trying to imply on their poems. Their job is to write about how they perceive the work of the author with the use of their intuition as well as intellect. You can even just use a few or several sentences to get your message across. And lastly, do not be afraid to insert some expressions found in the poem itself.

Hiring a professional magician is one of the best things that you can do during certain events to make them even look and feel more interesting. This has been proven true among people who have tried hiring these magicians during kids’ party, corporate functions, and even wedding events. You can actually choose from a wide range of magicians with their own styles and specialties. With these many options, it then becomes challenging to finally find just the perfect professional magician to complete your event. Fortunately, this short article will serve as a practical guide in hiring a professional magician.

• Choosing professional magicians over amateurs
Magic is basically a hobby. With this in mind, you can see that there are a number of magicians who perform magic tricks as a hobby and who have developed to be good at them. You can even find them to have their own websites.

However, if you are more after making your event one of the best, then it is better to skip hiring the amateur hobbyist magicians and go with the services of the professional magicians.

• Style and originality
The theme of your event and your personal preferences say a lot about what kind of professional magician you should be hiring. You have the liberty to get the services of professional magicians using bright clothing and having a good sense of humor. Meanwhile, you can also hire professional magicians who are more serious, mysterious, suave, or sophisticated.

Thus, it is best that you look for a professional magician based on your needs and your preferences leading you to decide to go for one that specializes in originality or on that specializes in style.

• Cost
Depending on the past experience of the professional magician, you will be paying them differently from one professional magician to another. For example, if you are thinking of hiring a popular magician, then you have to prepare to spend thousands of your money for them to give a full stage show to you and your guests. If, for instance, you go with a hobbyist magician, then you will just have to pay them a maximum amount of a hundred of your money or even lower. There are certain online websites that you can check out to get some idea about the average cost of the professional magician you plan on hiring.

If you are hosting a big corporate event, then you better find a professional magician as you can clearly afford their services. However, if you are only planning a kid’s party, then you can benefit from getting the services of an amateur magician. You are able to save most of your money by doing this.

• Ask questions
Do not hesitate to ask your prospective magician as many questions as you can that pertain to their job in proving entertainment to other people. Be sure to do this before you hire the services the magician. You have to ask them questions such as their experience, testimonials, tricks, and kinds of magic that they will put up as performance for their show on your event. If you are hiring professional magicians, most likely they will have their own public events or shows. To get some idea how they perform, you can check one of their shows out so that you will not have any regrets hiring the said magician for your event in the end.

Before learning more about the start of various tattoo ideas, you have to first know something about the word ‘tattoo’. To begin with, there are a lot of significant etymologies that revolve around the word ‘tattoo’. The first one being ‘ta’ that has been associated among the Native Polynesians which means having an impact upon a specific something. On the other hand, the second one being ‘tatau’ that is a Tahitian word that means ‘to tag something’.

Tattoos have been shown to have started several centuries ago based on documents. And they come from a diversified and multicolored heritage in the same manner as the men and women who wear them. According to some in-depth research, tattoos have been developed in more or less the same time as the introduction of supplies that have some pigment found beneath the coat skin surface.

At first, tattoo as a form of body art started off accidentally. In the past, a person who has been cut or has suffered from little injury accidentally used their dirty hand wipe the location of the injury. This dirty hand contained coats of soot and ashes. When the cut was cured, the other people discovered that the skin layer has bene healed with the ashes. The tag then turned out as a permanent accessory already to that person.

European countries such as Greece and Rome were the ones that started the needling process of tattooing. However, proof of such information has only been seen among the archeological finding like the cicatrix, which up until now is still subject to debate. There are still some researchers who believe that tattooing civilizations have already scattered around Europe even before the Ice Age.

In the caves of Portugal and Scandinavia as well as in France, sharp silica tools as well as bowls having black and red colored footprints were found. With how these tools looked like, they seem to lean more on being used for body art purposes.

What further proof is there that proves that tattoos have existed for quite some time and have some influence on the current tattoo trends and ideas?

In France, in one of their rock support beams, there have been images that have been found showing some people to have some inked lines, the horizontal kind, on their nostrils. There are some people in this recent age that have followed this particular tattoo idea.

From 5000 BC, clay statuettes have shown some residues that associate the discovery of body art as found in the Romanian Danube area. Sculptures and sketches found in one of the graveyards in Greece also show some individuals who are needled. And by looking at how complicated these adornments were, you can conclude that they represent some form of body artwork.

So, what does all of these things mean for modern tattoo ideas?

Today, your options of tattoo ideas are endless. Technology has paved the way even for the design and creation of various intricate tattoo designs that are one of a kind and something that will really be worth inking permanently on your skin. However, no matter how highly advanced and creative all of these tattoos are now, they would have never existed without this art expression existing in the past centuries.

Using oil paints on canvas is still loved by a lot of artists because the end results are just astounding in more ways than one. Oil painting also offers a lot of benefits. Though some artists who prefer to finish their art pieces faster consider the slow drying process of oil painting to be disadvantageous, there are some artists who consider this beneficial on their part. With a slow drying time, the artist will be able to have a longer time to work on their art pieces. They can even do it at different sessions without getting worried if there will be parts of their oil paint that will dry faster than the others. In addition, slow drying time also means that the artist will still be given enough time to do some changes to their oil painting if they find them necessary. Oil paints are also beneficial in the sense that they can produce luminous colors that do not easily wear out. This characteristic allows for the oil paints to easily blend with any surrounding paint colors in the canvas. The end result will no doubt be one artwork piece that is highly sought-after.

If you are giving your creative mind a go for creating oil paintings, then you must enroll yourself in oil painting classes. However, if you think that enrolling in oil painting classes may just be taking you way too high on another level, then you can start at the bottom and slowly work your way up to the top. Here are some practical tips to make your oil painting stand out better even as an oil painting beginner.

Tip #1: Exude volume by using a thick paste on foreground
If you want to give your oil panting a more lifelike look, then go for the three-dimensional appearance. This is not that hard to achieve with the use of oil paints. Acrylics and oils are capable of creating thick impastos in comparison to watercolors and pastels. To make your oil painting look more 3D, apply a thick oil paste into foreground of your painting. You then proceed in thinning it with the use of receding planes. This results in having only a thin paint layer but at a distance, your canvas will have the illusion of being three-dimensional.

Tip #2: Introduce more texture to your art piece by dry brushing
If you plan to create art pieces with crashing water waves, grass, and leaves, then texture must be present in your oil painting. With the use of a dry brushing technique, texture will be crystal clear to your eyes. Dry brushing can be done by skipping your brush so that your paint will peel off. You can make the water foam on you canvas look bubbly or make your wood look more weathered with holding your brush horizontally and then grazing it.

Tip #3: Make your oil painting look more interesting by using different colors
Skip adding color variants from just one hue in one area of your painting. This lets you avoid the monochromatic and solid colors. Go with partially mixing colors on your palette to neutralize your saturation and then squeeze your oil paint under a lot of pressure to see better color variants for every stroke you make. This makes your oil painting even look more realistic than you can ever hope for.

The film industry might look like it is all about the fun, easy, and glamorous life of the cast, but this is not always the case. People who work in the film industry also have a real job to do in the same way as the people who work in the corporate world do. But what might people from the corporate world learn from the people who work in the film industry? There are a lot of things to learn, actually. The learning one can imply in the film industry can also be applied in the corporate world. This short article can give you a list of some of them.

First, your resume is not enough. Everyone needs to submit a resume for just about any job that they will be applying for. If you will be applying for a job online, the task even becomes more challenging. But then, your resume is not the only reason for you to easily get hired for a job. If you think that you have what it takes to be hired for the position, then the process does not just end there. You have to prove outstanding during your interviews and be able to show a good portfolio, a network, and just do about anything fit for the job that you are applying for.

Second, the movie that you see is really made during its pre-production process. What this implies is that planning is one of the most crucial aspects in whatever project your job entails for you to achieve. When a film has been done accurately in terms of its cast, story, script, and schedule, then both the production and post-production will just run smoothly. When it comes to the corporate world, more or less the same elements apply. If you become part of a corporate team, you have to plan everything from deciding your budget and then running the company. Properly doing your research and planning will no doubt make all the difference in your job.

Third, remember that direction is crucial. No film can exist if there was not any vision to begin with. Furthermore, a film becomes a reality if the vision was properly communicated as well. This is the same with your business. No team will be effective if the leader of the team is not effective. Whatever size your team may be, an effective leader must showcase a clear vision, intelligence, and exception decision-making skills.

And last, it is called a show business not a show of friends. What this means is that you hire people for the job not because they are your friends but because you know that they can do the job right for you. This applies being conscious at the start of things. Always remember that through it all, each member of your business is essential for your business to earn profit. Yes, you need to be generous, helpful, and compassionate. However, you also need to be smart not just with your own money but with your employer’s money as well.

You see, the film industry and the corporate world are not too far off after all?

If you look at professional tap dancers, you cannot help but appreciate how effortless and smooth their movements are. However, you cannot learn overnight the footwork that is involved in tap dancing. The art of dancing requires some flexibility, dedication, and the drive to pull off the most basic to the very challenging tap dance routines. With experience, a tap dancer can surely make their own rhythm using a wide range of tap dance steps. When you are interested in doing some tap dancing and love to become a professional tap dancer, then you have to invest your time in training your feet.

In order for you to pursue your tap dancing dreams, you have to enroll yourself in a tap dance program. Choosing the most suitable tap dance program lets you become familiar with various tap dancing steps such as the single buffalo, the shuffle, and many more. Though at first you find the basic tap dance steps to be all too simple, you will soon find out that they are necessary to complete an entire tap dance choreography. Your tap dance instructor will make sure to teach you all the tap dance steps that you need to learn in the most effective possible manner. However, getting tap dance programs is not just limited to being in dance studios within your vicinity.


You can now join a tap dance program online to learn as much as you can about tap dancing in the most convenient possible time. There are a number of tap dance syllabus options that you can already find online. And yet, despite your many options of tap dance programs, you need to understand that not all of them will be able to give you the kind of results that you expect from them. So, how will you make sure that the tap dance program that you choose will really bring out the professional tap dancer in you?

• Segmentation. There are different levels of tap dancing. You do not become a professional tap dancer right away without starting from the bottom. In the same way, children and adults have different tap dancing needs. And so, you will be able to determine that a tap dance program is good if it has been segmented into different levels for both children and adults. This segmentation allows you to start at a level that will be most comfortable for you.

• Resources. Find a tap dance program that can offer you with a wide range of resources to start off your tap dancing lessons and hone your tap dancing abilities. This means that your tap dance program of choice should provide you a manual and some detailed videos containing step-by-step tap dance lessons. The tap dance program must also come with a suitable music that will help you get the rhythm of tap dancing better.

• Pricing. No matter if you are just getting basic tap dance training lessons or getting professional tap dance training lessons, all of them should just be easily affordable. Though the level of complexity will have some bearing with how much money you must pay for your tap dance program, the price should still be reasonable in the end. Be sure that you have the means to enroll in the level of tap dance program that you desire and not end up regretting your decision in the end.

Film making has become more interesting and more creative now more than ever. Just take a look at the media around you and you will see a variety of film making ideas that are unique from each other. All of these things are made possible because of the use of professional cameras and dedicated software programs that can aid in creating a more unique sequence of your videos. The end result is so amazing that you will just end up at a loss for words. With films with the purpose of advertising, their videos may seem to far off and too unrealistic just so they can sell the product or service of their clients. This is another story with professional videographers who do weddings. Professional wedding videographers are never after commercial success so their aim is more realistic and more of pursuing treasuring memories that families will surely want to reminisce in the near future.

Creating and saving your wonderful wedding memories

Just like most things that you can associate some of your memories with, your wedding day is one that deserves to be remembered across generations. A wedding is one special occasion that brings a lot of people, families, and friends together in one location. All the emotions and feelings that you see and feel on that day as well as the music, the ambiance, the groups, and dreams all deserve to be filmed and recorded.

It is a good thing that there are now means to have all of these things captured and stored in one place. Of course, you always have the pictures that you can store on your family albums and have them enlarged to your desire to decorate your home. However, there is just something special about storing videos on your wedding day. You see, with wedding videos, technology has made it possible for your videos to be stored in different media such as thumb drives and DVDs that you can all then copy and transmit to various social media platforms across the globe.

If you are thinking of hiring a wedding videographer, there are some things that you need to take careful note of to hire the best person to record your wedding memories.

Usually, you start looking at possible wedding videographers and choose one based on their portfolio. Be sure to look at their portfolios of the past wedding films that they have covered. Weddings seem to happen just about anywhere from celebrities to even your neighbors. Though their wedding videos might be attractive to look at from a distance, your own wedding is just different and one that pulls at different strings of your emotions.

When looking at the portfolios of potential wedding videographers, the video samples of weddings that you see are most likely going to be what you will be expecting with your future wedding film. Find a wedding videographer that applies a mix of artistry and technicality in creating wedding videos, most especially yours. Be sure that they use only the latest videography techniques and methods and can offer you with the kind of graphics, sound effects, lighting, and cameras that you expect from them. And last, do not forget to establish a professional working relationship with them.